JIVE Visitors' FAQs

Where is JIVE?

JIVE is located at ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, Dwingeloo.


How can I travel to JIVE?

The nearest international airport is Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol).

From Schiphol airport you can travel by train to Hoogeveen - the closest station to Dwingeloo. This trip takes approximately two hours. Information on travelling from Schipol to Hoogeveen by train can be found at www.ns.nl (availble in Dutch and English).


Before you travel you must inform the JIVE Secretary (tel: +31 (0)521-596500) about when you expect to arrive in Schiphol and which trains you will take to Hoogeveen. When you arrive at Schiphol you should telephone the JIVE secretary to confirm the train times. The JIVE secretary will arrange for a taxi to meet you at Hoogeveen station.

The JIVE secretary can also arrange for a taxi to take you to Hoogeveen station on your return journey. Please contact her as soon as you know the times of your return journey.

JIVE shares a building with its host institute ASTRON, which maintains a useful guide on how to get to Dwingeloo.


Where can I stay?

Accommodation is booked through the JIVE Secretary. Excellent on-site accommodation is provided in the ASTRON guest house - all details can be found on the ASTRON website.


Who do I pay for accommodation?

If you (not JIVE) are paying for your accommodation, then all enquiries must be made through guesthouse@astron.nl.


What happens if I arrive outside working hours?

Normal working hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm. We prefer that people arrive during working hours where possible. If this is not possible please inform the JIVE Secretary and they will make special arrangements for you. For those who would prefer hotel accommodation please contact the JIVE Secretary.


How do I get into the building?

Entrance to the building is gained via the magnetic key strip attached to your accommodation room key. The magnetic key must be swiped through a key reader which is located at the main entrance.


When is coffee/lunch time?

Coffee time is between 10.15-10.45am in the canteen on the first floor, behind the colloquium room. Hot drinks or cold filtered water can be taken free of charge at any time of the day at the dispensers around the building.

The canteen is open for lunch from Monday-Friday between 12:00 and 13:00 hours. Hot soup, sandwiches, warm snacks, eggs, milk and yoghurts are available at reasonable prices. Snacks are available at all times from a vending machine. Visitors can also prepare their lunch in the well-stocked guesthouse kitchen in advance.


Can I use a JIVE computer while visiting?

For information on the availability of a computer or an internal ICT account while visiting JIVE your first point of contact should be your JIVE Support Scientist or contact person. If they are unavailable, please contact Zsolt Paragi.


How do I make a telephone call?

Outside lines are obtained by dialing "0" and then the telephone number you wish to call. Please make brief calls only, especially to international numbers. Personal calls should be made through skype, please ask your JIVE contact if you require details.


When are Colloquia held?

Astronomy Colloquia are usually held on Thursdays at 15.30pm. The colloquium room is located on the first floor, opposite the lift. The more informal Astrolunch presentation/discussion session is held every Wednesday at 12:30pm.


I have a problem, who should I contact?

The first person to approach is your JIVE Support Scientist or JIVE contact person. If they are not available technical problems should be addressed to Zsolt Paragi. For logistical matters consult the JIVE Secretary.

In cases of emergency (outside working hours) contact:

Medical, Fire or Police emergencies: 112 (0112 from the JIVE internal telephone system)
For less urgent matters contact the caretaker on: 0521-596200


Can I hire a bike?

Bikes can be hired at a cost of only a few Euros per day from ASTRON. 


How do I claim back my expenses from JIVE?

If JIVE is paying your expenses you must complete (in full) a JIVE claim form. These are available as hard copies from the JIVE Secretary, or online as PDF files. Claims should be supported with all receipts (inc. taxi fares and accommodation) and submitted to the JIVE Secretary


What recreational opportunities are there?

JIVE is located in a national park just a few kilometers from the centre of Dwingeloo which is a very pretty village. In the summer it is very busy, while in the winter it is normally quiet. In either case, travelling further afield is recommended. The Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope is approximately 30km away, and there is also a memorial and museum to Kamp Westerbork located here. The northern city of Groningen is about 55 km from Dwingeloo, and can be reached by taking a bus to Assen and from there to Groningen on the train. It boasts a lively nightlife, and you will find many shops, busy markets, picturesque buildings and a large variety of art galleries at the foot of the Martini tower.