EVN MkIV Data Processor output data rate increased

Published on 26 September 2003
Above: Comparison plot demonstrating the shorter integration times.

The EVN MkIV Data Processor at JIVE has achieved quarter-second integrations using the whole correlator. The previous limit was 1s. The equivalent output (user) data rate is 3000 kB/s. These shorter integration times will reduce time-smearing for wide-field applications. This improvement is the first step along the way to the Post-Correlator Integrator (which aims to provide integration times for the whole correlator down to 1/64 s) and recirculation (which would increase spectral resolution attainable per IF/polarization).


Note that this present reduction in integration times does not affect the spectral resolution of the correlator; but the same configurations that previously worked with 1s would now work with 0.25s. Some examples of configurations that use the whole correlator include:

#sta #if #pol #frq points (per IF/pol)
4 1 4 2048
8 1 1 2048
8 2 1 1024
16 8 4 16

Proposals for experiments that require integration times down to 0.25s are now welcome. For current information about system limits on the EVN Data Processor follow the links on the JIVE home page or contact Bob Campbell at the Science Operations & Support Group.