EVN Mini-Symposium and Users Meeting 2021

Published on 30 April 2021


An online EVN Mini-Symposium and Users Meeting will be held during July 12-14, 2021. The EVN Symposium normally takes place every two years, and is the main forum for discussion of the latest Very Long Baseline Interferometry scientific results and technical and technological developments within the EVN member countries.

Topics to be discussed at the symposium include: 

  • The innermost structure of AGNs and the origin of jets
  • Starburst galaxies
  • Stellar evolution and stellar masers
  • FRBs and pulsars
  • Astrometry
  • Space applications
  • The relationship of EVN with other VLBI facilities
  • Synergies with other wavelengths/multi-messenger astronomy 
  • New VLBI developments, new technical capabilities

The online EVN mini-symposium will be shorter than usual, with six two-hour sessions over the three days, one of which will be taken up by the Users' Meeting; thus, only a limited number of talks can be presented. Some review talks will be given in the months before and after the mini-symposium, as EVN Seminars. Abstracts for proposed posters will also be accepted.

Timeline for the EVN Mini-Symposium

  • March 25, 2021 - Registration opens 
  • May 15, 2021 - Deadline for submission of abstracts
  • May 31, 2021 - Participants informed of outcome of submission of abstracts 
  • July 12-14, 2021 - 15th EVN Symposium

Registration will remain open up to the end of the mini-symposium.

The web site of the symposium is available at:


and includes the registration link and information about abstract submission. The programme will also be made available on this site.

It is hoped that the full 15th EVN Symposium and EVN Users Meeting will then be hosted by University College Cork (Ireland) on behalf of the EVN Consortium Board of Directors, provisionally during July 11-15, 2022. 

Scientific Organizing Committee

- Rafael Bachiller (OAN-IGN, Spain)
- Anna Bartkiewicz (Torun, Poland)
- Marco Bondi (INAF, Italy)
- Francisco Colomer (JIVE)
- Aleksejs Klokovs (Irbene, Latvia)
- Denise Gabuzda (University College Cork, Ireland)
- Marcello Giroletti (EVN CBD Secretary, INAF, Italy)
- Alexander Ipatov (IAA-RAS, Russia)
- Xiang Liu (XaO, Urumqi, China)
- Noemi Pinilla Alonso (Arecibo, USA)
- Anita Richards (Jodrell Bank, UK)
- Kazi Rygl (EVN PC Chair, INAF, Italy)
- Tuomas Savolainen (Metsahovi, Finland)
- Zhiqiang Shen (ShAO, China)
- Jung Taehyun (KVN, South Korea)
- Tiziana Venturi (EVN CBD Chair, INAF, Italy)
- Pablo de Vicente (OAN-IGN, Spain)
- Rene Vermeulen (ASTRON, Netherlands)
- Alet de Witt (SARAO/HartRAO, South Africa)
- Jun Yang (OSO, Sweden)
- Anton Zensus (MPIfR, Germany)

It is provisionally planned that the Proceedings of the EVN Mini-Symposium will be published in Proceedings of Science.