Huib Jan van Langevelde appointed professor in Galactic radio astronomy, Leiden University

DWINGELOO, The Netherlands (30 August 2013) - Huib van Langevelde has been appointed professor in Galactic radio astronomy at Leiden University. As the director of the Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (JIVE) and as a recognized scientist, he plays an important role in the definition of new methods and facilities in the field of radio-astronomy.


Research Interests

Van Langevelde obtained his PhD in Leiden in 1993 with a study of stars that radiate so-called 'maser' emission. This maser phenomenon can occur in the interstellar medium when molecular radiation starts to self-amplify under special conditions. The bright radiation allows astronomers to zoom in on the detailed processes in star formation, make direct distance measurements and estimate magnetic fields. All these processes play a role in determining the constituency and evolution of the Galaxy of which the Sun is a member star.

Van Langevelde has already supervised a number of PhD projects at Leiden, in which a variety of radio telescopes were used for making direct measurements of various astrophysical processes. A theme in his research is the use of complex observational techniques. He has also authored a number of technical papers.

JIVE Director

Prior to 2007 van Langevelde's work at JIVE focused on developing new methods and tools to enhance the scientific capabilities of the institute. In this effort he managed several international (software) projects. Since his appointment to director in 2007, he has succeeded in securing substantial EC grants to enhance the VLBI network for real-time operations through direct fibre connections. At the same time the institute continues to excel in its core business of delivering perfect data to the international scientific community. Recently JIVE has made progress applying for recognition as a 'European Research Infrastructure Consortium' (ERIC), which will give it a formal European status.

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About JIVE
The Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (JIVE, is a scientific foundation with a mandate to support the operations of the European VLBI Network (EVN, For this purpose it maintains, operates and develops the EVN data correlator, a powerful supercomputer that combines the signals from radio telescopes located across the planet. Through this technique, called Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), astronomers can make detailed images of cosmic radio sources, providing astronomers with the clearest, highest resolution view of some of the most distant and energetic objects in the Universe.

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